Uncover the secrets to a happy, fulfilling life.

What is holding you back? I offer practical help for getting unstuck and moving on in all areas of your life—at home, at work, and at school.

Life often feels harder than it needs to.

We have so many balls in the air, and constant juggling often leads to anxiety, self-doubt, and anger. It can be hard to be a good parent and spouse; to meet colleagues’ and family expectations; to meet our own needs as well as our friends’.

Is it any wonder we find ourselves lost, unfulfilled and disconnected? If it seems like you don’t know which way to turn, then you’ve come to the right place.

Most obstacles arise in the intersections of all the powerful influences on our lives—families, ancestry, schools, cultures, friends, and work.

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What is it we all seek?

To love and be loved, trusted and respected, to be happy, fulfilled and successful.

Feelings of anger, blame, guilt and shame—inherited from our culture, our families, our ancestors, our schools, our friends and colleagues—obscure our paths to happiness.

True fulfillment begins when we can recognize these forces and frictions, and free ourselves from them.

Barbara Bennett, LMFT

True healing—deep healing—begins with understanding the impact of these forces and their frictions. This recognition is the catalyst for your own natural healing process. This is what leads us to become better parents, to deepen our intimate relationships and flourish as healthy individuals.

I help you find a new perspective, to create balance and to move forward to a great next day.

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